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30 000 SNS = 0.1 BNB

300 000 SNS = 1 BNB


Build your own unique Solar System

Buy yourself a Planet or a Country WITH NFT YOU LITERALLY CAN DO IT!
In beta version of the solar system, some functions are not available.

But now there is an opportunity to build your own solar system, buy planets, stars and countries.

With your help, we will be able to launch the platform in the very near future.

NFT Solar platform

Colonize planets

Discover planets. Conquer countries.

Develop the planetary industry and exchange the earned points for useful interactions or tokens Even a small country can develop its industry The fate of the country after minting depends on you

NFT Solar platform


You will be able to build your solar system. Colonize planets and countries. Buy and exchange NFT with other members.

NFT Solar platform


Name: Solar Systems

Tiker: SNS

Suply: 1 000 000 000 000



The next step will be the creation of the first NFT galaxy. You can create your own planets and stars yourself.

Create your own unique galaxy map.

Buy other people's galaxies and also sell your own.

NFT Solar platform